How to make Gauge Battery Widget Theme...

To make Gauge Battery Widget status bar icon theme you need to create special single purpose application based on my code.

On this subweb you will get all necessary information how to do it. It is expected that you have at least basic experience with android development or hacking.

In case you are an artist but not programmer feel free to contact me with your idea and in case I'll find it interesting I'll help you with your idea.

Simply speaking to make your own theme you have:

Getting source code

IMPORTANT: Read source code license before downloading source code. By using this code you automatically agree with this license.

Sample theme source code is hosted on GITHUB.COM. You need to be familiar with GIT to be able clone and pull project and it's changes.

Please note that API is still not stable enough so it may change and your theme will need to be updated if I change API. For this reason it is good idea to fork code from GITHUB rather than downloading ZIP file (it does not have GIT metadata so it can't track your changes).

So if you wanna follow this way please fork project

Updating resources

There are three types of resources to be updated:

To make update properly you have to make some decisions:

  1. Short name of the theme. For this document lets assume navyblue

Update source code

Rename folder name from ics to short theme name (eg. navyblue)

In files and rename package name. Replace ics with short theme name (eg. navyblue).

Locate file called strings.xml

Update strings.xml with your name, email etc.

Update AndroidManifest.xml

Replace ics with your short name (eg. navyblue).

Update Theme Icons

Application requires icons in three formats (Honeycomb+ compatible, Gingerbread compatible and pre-Gingerbread compatible). Follow sizes of the images in particular directory. For more details about correct sizes see

Compile and sign created APK

Application is compiled using android-maven-plugin. For more details see

Maven is able to compile and sign whole project. Only thing you need to add into your $HOME/.m2/settings.xml are following properties:

You can also use IntelliJ's IDEA Community Edition for easier work. This IDE is free and appropriate IML files are included in source code base on GIT hub.

Share with your friends

Now you have your APK, it is signed by your certificate so you can share it. You can share it either on Android Market (either paid or for free) or as APK on forums, websites etc.

If sharing on Android Market please follow this guidelines:

Text description should look like this (don't forget to include link to this website and also keywords section):

This is theme for Gauge Battery Widget status bar icon.

Note: You need Gauge Battery Widget 3.0 Pro or newer to use this theme.

Feel free to send email to if you have idea for new status bar
theme. No response guaranteed but why not try your luck.

Visit if you wanna create your own theme.

Keywords: gbw-status-bar-icon-theme

Source Code License

Source code and/or sample APK is licensed to you under following conditions:

  • You use it only for purpose of adding themes to Gauge Battery Widget Pro or Gauge Battery Widget Free. Using this protocol/API on any other app is forbidden without written permission from author of Gauge Battery Widget application. Contact me if you want to use this API in your app.
  • You can't add any additional permissions into AndroidManifest.xml (eg. internet access, access to phone/tablet resources etc.)
  • You may create your own themes and provide them to your users either for free or as paid applications on Android Market.
  • All information on this web site is provided as-is without any responsibility for any damage that can this application (or application created according information from this website) cause to users.
  • You are responsible for updating your theme in case that API changes. You are obliged to update this theme as-soon-as-possible in case of change!
  • You are obliged to follow instructions on Sharing modified theme document.


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