Q: Widget stopped working/Widgets is sometimes not updating. What is wrong?

A: Please make sure you don't use task killer/task manager. These programs are harmful and may cause that my apps stop updating.

Q: I don't see Gauge Battery Widget in the list of widgets...

A: Please check these:

  • Please make sure that app is installed in internal memory. According Google's spec Widget apps can't be moved to SD card.
  • If you run app on Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwitch please run app (not widget) from list of apps. Or try reboot phone. There is an Android issue that causes that widget is not immediatelly after installation visible in list of widgets.

Q: Android Market says that app is not compatible with my device although free version is...

A: There may be a lot reasons. Please check these:

  • You may try to buy app from country where paid Android Market is not available
  • If your phone it rooted or you have modified ROM then Android Market may get incorrect info about your phone. Ask your ROM vendor for help.
  • Clear Market Data and restart Market, Go to Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/Market/Clear Data
  • Check content filtering setting in your market settings. Change to show all apps
  • Check this post in Android Market Help forum.

Q: I'm owner of the license via Play Store (former Android Market) but app says that license verification failed....

A: This is rare situation that may happen:

  • If you are not connected to the internet and/or your connection is not reliable. Solution: Test your internet connection and try it again.
  • You have not standard Play Store installation and/or you killed Play Store with Task Killer. Solution: start Play Store or restart your phone or clear Play Store's cache.

If nothing of solutions above does help you can try:

  • Uninstall and install app again (you will NOT be charged again)
  • Restart your phone and try it again
  • Stop using security software that blocks some apps. Play Store is using Google Talk for communication so killing of Google Talk may cause Play Store issues.

Please contact us in case app is still not working and we refund your payment. Sorry for inconvenience.

Feature requests

Q: Can be app moved to SD card?

A: According Google's specification (see widget applications can't be moved to SD card. Sorry for that.

Common Questions

Q: Does Motorola Hack drain my battery faster?

A: This app does NOT drain your battery. But as you get much more information about battery draining as before you feel that it is fast. In fact battery is draining by 1% every a few minutes of active usage. But before it jumped from 80% to 70% after eg. 10 or 15 minutes now you see 5% capacity decrease quiet quickly. This is NOT caused by my app but by your active usage of the phone. If you don't trust me, simply turn your phone into airplane mode during the night and see how much your phone drained your battery. It will be just a few percents.

Q: I don't like new icon style

A: We removed built in icons to reduce application size. If you are not happy with builtin one you can download alternatives from It may required upgrade to paid version.

Q: I just updated to ICS and the status bar meter is now very very dim...

A: This is not bug but unfortunate feature of Android 4.x and beyond. See Automatic dimming at Android Developer Guide.

You can download some brighter notification icon theme.

Q: What is the difference between Gauge Battery Widget (Classic) and Gauge Battery Widget 2013?

A: Gauge Battery Widget (Classic) is classic edition of Gauge Battery Widget app. It contains original look and feel of the app. It will fit very well your old phone. You may like Gauge Battery Widget 2013 more if you have modern phone. 2013 edition also has more features and will be actively developed.


Q: How to turn notification on/off?

Please follow these instructions:

  1. A: Start app from list of applications
  2. A: Select Notification Icon from overflow menu
  3. A: Use this checkbox to enable/disable notification icon

If it does not help, please follow instructions from Enabling notifications does not help

Q: I tried to enable notification icon but it didn't help

Please follow these instructions:

  1. A: Open phone settings, find option called Apps and select it ...
  2. A: ... you will see screen like this (most likely with much more apps)....
  3. A: Select Gauge Battery Widget 2013, screen like this opens. Make sure that "Show Notifications" checkbox is checked

Q: How do I change temperature units?

Please follow these instructions:

  1. A: Start app from list of applications
  2. A: Select Global Options from overflow menu
  3. A: Select Temperature Unit Of Measurement from Preferences screen

Q: How to apply for unlock code?

After we negotiate that you can get unlock code for free, simply follow these instructions:

  1. A: Start app from list of applications
  2. A: Select Remove Ads... from overflow menu
  3. A: Long press Gauge Battery Widget logo to see menu....
  4. A: Select GMail from list of apps
  5. A: Type some text that helps me identify me why I promised you to send unlock code.

Please don't use this functionality without previous conversation with me. It will be ignored.

Q: How to use my unlock code?

After you got unlock code for me, simply follow these instructions:

  1. A: Start app from list of applications
  2. A: Select Remove Ads... from overflow menu
  3. A: Click on 'Unlock Code' button
  4. A: Enter your code here

Please note that unlock code it tied to your device. You need new unlock code if you replace your device

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